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Colleen Teitgen


My depths have been discovered by some
You think youíve visited there
But your journey is longer than you know

The darkness that surrounds you
Will only grow deeper
As you sink past my history

You have suffered through my ebb and flow
Manic depression was never this consistent
We are controlled by the selfish moon, you and I

As that giant orb blooms into fullness
My saline pushes drown your sorrows
You are a creature of my hidden world

Tangled in my tresses
You feel my cold rush over you
Captive, like so many of my inhabitants

Foreign invaders speak to you
But theirs is not a language you understand
Flashes of yellow, blue and red dart past your consciousness

The spirits of many who have taken the plunge
Remind you why you are here
Your lungs are like water balloons about to explode

I am like your older brother
Holding your head under
Until you can no longer breathe

And you sink
And itís over
Floating for the moon



Colleen Teitgen Colleen Teitgen
Colleen Teitgen

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