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Springtime goodbyes
Ground bursting with yellows, pinks and violet
Still hard and frozen like the journey
             they will no longer make
Lives boxed up
             removed from fear
             Removed from all that speak their name
But yesterday will always tell them
             of today and tomorrow

Goodbye wood floors, sanded with your sweat
Goodbye painted walls, rubbed with my caresses
Goodbye budding garden
Goodbye cracked sun porch
Goodbye friend, mother, love
Goodbye to my soul and yours
             sitting here beside me


In sparkling light of cold December evening
             A force so strong, it sucks them in
Long wooden pier, falling
             leaves behind
They enter this beckoning
Open and warm and
             alone in the world

What dreams of bubbling brook and tiny stars
             dropped down here for us?
Where is this place that tells me who you are?
How did we find ourselves in you and me
             knowing it could only be
             the frightened one before us?
Her mind collapses into eternity
No longer able to breathe or see
She falls through earth until
             his aches and wants and
             fear of knowing catches her


Seasons change one into none
Left alone with their memories
             they search for the sea
A place to gather their love and strength
             into the thread that binds them
What once was has drifted between
             Their miracle
created but still hidden
growing out of their fear and longing

             Remembering that house, another life, another soul

             Remembering her face on that night

A tragedy in waiting
But she sees the lost winds
             behind her
And gathers them up to bring to the sea


Colleen Teitgen Colleen Teitgen
Colleen Teitgen

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